MySommelier Wine Pairing Apps


Chef Vivant is the exclusive provider of “MySommelier” professional wine pairing Apps for personal and online recipes! Developed with a professional Sommelier, Chef Vivant’s MySommelier App is the most flexible and accurate food and wine pairing Apps in the market. Supporting over 6.0 million food and wine pairing combinations, 30,000 times its nearest competitor, MySommelier provides consumers with a number of essential wine pairing tools including: Wine Varietals Knowledge Tool, Recipe-to-Wine Parings Tool, and Event Planning Tool. Chef Vivant’s MySommelier Basic App is “free” for consumers and is available for tablets and mobile phones for both Android  and Apple operating systems. For more information you can view the following YouTube video.

Wine Varietals Knowledge Tool

Not familiar with various wine varietals. Chef Vivant’s Wine Varietals tool provides you with baseline knowledge of a broad-spectrum of Red, White, Rose, Sparkling and Sweet wines. Organized by course, our Wine Varietals tool will provide you with instant wine varietal knowledge, including the wine varietal’s name description, geographic region of production, course and food category pairings.

Recipe to Wine Pairings Tool

Developed by a professional Sommelier, Chef Vivant’s Recipe-to-Wine Pairings tool supports over 6.0 million food and wine pairings combinations, 30,000 times our nearest competitors. Organized by Course, Food Category, and Primary Ingredient, Chef Vivant’s basic-wine pairings provide a baseline pairing for your Appetizer, Entrée or Dessert recipes. If you want more, wine/food pairing specificity, Chef Vivants’ Best Wine Pairings” allows for further pairing accuracy by using Preparation, Sauce, Modifier and Herb categories – perfectly pairing your food and wine, like a professional Sommelier, every time.

Event Planning Tool – Beverage Calculator

Don’t know how to calculate the amount of alcohol (wine, beer, champagne and liquor) for your next dinner party or special event. Chef Vivant Event Planner allows consumers to pick the number of guests, the length of the event and whether they require a Champagne toast. In addition, these same individuals can delineate the anticipated beverage mix – including wine, beer and liquor. With this data, Chef Vivant’s Event Planner automatically calculates the number of bottles of each beverage required for their upcoming event. No longer do you have to guess the about the number of beverages you need to purchase for a party or event. With Chef Vivant Event Planner, you can easily calculate the required beverage required and not give it another thought.

Chef Vivant’s Basic “MySommelier” Apps are “free” and available on Android and Apple mobile phones and tablets. Go to and view our MySommelier App video. Or if you are interested in developing a custom wine pairing App for your winery, send an email to